François Rossignol



Respected composer and musician of strong classical training. A constant student of strong knowledge in Rock, Jazz fusion, World beat, orchestration, and more recently digital music at the University of Montreal, Rossignol never stops acquiring new skills and tools to support his work.

He has been composing and writing since he was seven. From merely scrapbook notes, he went on to write for large scale orchestras and other complex music for ensembles of different sizes and instrumentation.

After nine years of teaching at the Conservatoire de musique du Québec in Pointe-Claire, he decided to respond full time to the demand for his music as an independent composer/producer. From scores for puppet theater to cinematics for the video game industry, gospel music to Indie rock, the work went on.

Along with various prizes and nominations for him and his students, he participated in various film projects. Among them, ’’Gut wrenching fear’’ opened the Cannes’s film festival at the short corner in 2012.

More recently he returned to writing for chamber ensembles of his region in an attempt to put in music the richness of his heritage while at the same time exploring new ways of writing and defining his own approach to post minimalist classical music.

In an effort to conjugate his expertise in drum teaching he recently completed a series of four books which act as repertoire for the teachers of modern drumming. These books are now distributed and sold online and in most major music stores of the greater Montreal area.

He recently composed, edited and published a piano book of modern impressionist expression which is to be released soon with compact disk (downloadable audio will also be available) and backed by concert appearances. A book of piano and violin duets will be coming out short after as a continuity of the solo piano book and there are already talks about performances in Europe and America.

'A great work of art expends and lives as it
interacts with us. Communication is not just an
attribute, but the very fuel that powers your message'.
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